Best Places To Travel With A Baby

Heading out with your little one? It's an adventure waiting to happen! Picking where to go should be all about fun and fuss-free experiences for everyone. We've handpicked spots that are as welcoming to babies as they are enjoyable for grown-ups.

Imagine kicking back on the chill beaches of Jamaica or wandering through the sweet Southern charm of Charleston. We're talking about places that get a thumbs up for being baby-ready, with all the cozy corners for naptime and wide-open spaces for playtime you'll need.

Best Places To Travel With A Baby

Don't forget to pack all your baby essentials, including a versatile and convenient diaper bag to make your travels hassle-free. Here's a guide to some of the best places to consider for a family-friendly vacation:

  1. Runaway Bay, Jamaica: This destination is known for its relaxing atmosphere and family-friendly resorts, some of which offer nanny services to give you some downtime on the beach. The area is equipped for families, offering large family-sized rooms and baby clubs for nap times​​.
  2. Cascais, Portugal: A quaint village that offers a friendly environment for families. The streets are stroller-friendly, and while local restaurants may not serve typical children's food like chicken nuggets, they offer soft, less-spicy options suitable for little ones starting to eat solid foods​​.
  3. Vail, Colorado: Surprisingly baby-friendly with services like 'Travel Vail Baby' offering rental equipment such as cribs and strollers. The natural beauty and baby-specific services make it a fantastic choice for infant-friendly vacations​​.
  4. Savannah, Georgia, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire: These small cities are perfect for strolling through historical districts and enjoying the local cuisine. They're especially accommodating to families, making them great spots for leisurely vacations with a baby​​.
  5. Charleston, South Carolina: This city is a favorite US destination for families with toddlers, thanks to its walkable streets, historic town center, and child-friendly attractions like the South Carolina Aquarium and Magnolia Plantation​​.
  6. New York City: Surprisingly baby-friendly due to its accessibility with a baby carrier and lightweight stroller. NYC offers countless parks and family-friendly activities, making it an exciting and vibrant destination for families​​.
  7. North Conway, New Hampshire: Ideal for more active families, offering short hikes and attractions like Story Land, perfect for keeping toddlers entertained and happy​​.
  8. Huntington Beach, California: A great destination with family-friendly beach resorts, playgrounds, and day trips suitable for toddlers. The area offers plenty of outdoor activities to keep little ones engaged​​.
  9. Disneyland and Magic Kingdom: While visiting with just a baby might not be as fruitful, if you're traveling with both a toddler and a baby, there's plenty of family fun to be had in these magical theme parks​​.
Best Places To Travel With A Baby

When planning your trip, consider what's most important for your family's comfort and enjoyment. Whether it's the ease of getting around, the climate, or the available activities, selecting the right destination can make all the difference in your family vacation experience.