Two Grey diaper bags. One diaper bag is unfolded with a changing station. Second diaper bag is standing on a basket facing forward.
Grey Diaper Bag with changing station unfolded
Grey  Diaper Bag with changing station
Grey Diaper Bag side view of wet nap compartment
Grey Diaper Bag back view of suitcase luggage strap and stroller straps for convenience
Grey Diaper Bag side view of water bottle pocket and cellphone charging port
Grey diaper bag top view of the inside comportment of the bag. Packed inside are baby cloths in each side pocket, wooden toys, baby socks, baby book, white teddy bear, and a warm blanket.
Grey diaper bag top view of the inside comportment of the bag. Bag is empty showing three side pockets and one zipper pocket
Grey diaper bag sitting onto of a suitcase luggage connect using a suitcase strap
Grey diaper bag front view of milk bottle comportment with two pockets for spoon and fork. Also with a pocket for wet or dirty cloths
Grey diaper bag pacifier charm pod with a white pacified laying next to it
Grey diaper bag side view of the charging port connected to a cellphone
Grey Diaper Bag showing a women wearing the bag on her back. Straight view from the back showing the bag and pacifier charm pod.
Grey Diaper Bag showing a man wearing the bag on his back showing the side of the bag
Grey Diaper Bag showing a women wearing the bag on one shoulder showing the side of the bag
Grey  Diaper Bag showing a men holding the bag infront of him with one hand and reaching and pulling wet naps from the side of the bag.
Grey Diaper Bag showing a women wearing the bag on her wrist showing the front of the bag with pacifier charm pod.
Grey  Diaper Bag showing a women wearing the bag on her wrist showing the front of the bag with with one hand inside the front bottle pocket of the bag

Grey Diaper Bag JOURNEY

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The Only Diaper Bag You'll Ever Need: The Grey Diaper Bag that is Perfect for Parents on-the-go!

Parents deserve a diaper bag that was designed specifically with them in mind. Introducing the ultimate diaper bag - it instantly unfolds into an incredibly secure and hygienic space for your baby, providing comfort during naptimes or diaper changes. Boasting plenty of space with internal and external compartments to store all your baby needs, this bag is an ideal companion suitable for every situation while away from home.

When those unexpected moments arise, you'll have everything within reach, making your grey backpack diaper bag the perfect piece of practicality in your arsenal. It's everything you wanted in a diaper bag, plus what you didn't even know you needed. We have even added a little pacifier holder so you can have access within seconds. (You’re welcome.)


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Say Goodbye to Messy Diaper Changes with The Grey Changing Bag

A convenient, all-in-one solution for parents on the go. The grey backpack diaper bag is a must-have when you are out and about with your baby. Its waterproof fabric makes it perfect for any weather condition, and its extra-large pockets provide plenty of storage space for diapers, wipes, bottles, and more.

Plus, the special built-in changing station available in grey, and black diaper bag keeps everything organized so you can quickly grab what you need when unexpected accidents occur. With its unique design and beautiful aesthetic, this grey diaper bag will make going out with your little one easier than ever before! So don't wait to get the best diaper backpack around - get yours now! You won't regret it!

Transform Any Surface into a Safe Diaper Changing Station with Lovatte's Grey Diaper Bag

As parents, we understand the importance of having a clean and safe place for diaper changes. That's why we designed a diaper bag with an integrated changing station. It easily unfolds so you can quickly lay down a comfy and clean surface. The built-in cover keeps your little one comfortable while they get their diaper changed or take a nap. 

You will love how convenient and easy the grey changing bag is to use - no more messes on the go. Most importantly, we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all bags, so check out the range of newborn changing bags and get ready for less stress and more fun when you have Lovatte's Diaper Bag by your side.

Timely Delivery is Guaranteed With Us!

We aim to ensure your diaper bag arrives on time and promise to deliver as soon as possible. We understand that when it comes to baby needs, timeliness is a priority, and we make sure you get your grey diaper bag as quickly as possible. So don't wait - get the best diaper bag for parents on the go today!



  • Tons of storage space for all the essentials.
    • Dimensions: 32cm W x 42cm H x 22cm D  / 12.5"W x 16.5"H x 8.5"D
    • Weight: 2.3 lbs.
    • 6 internal pockets
    • 4 external pockets 
    • 2 insulated baby bottle pockets
    • 1 wet compartment/pocket (for dirty diapers/clothing)
    • 1 pacifier holder
  • A cozy changing pad that unfolds in seconds.
    • Dimensions: 76cm L x 30cm W  / 30"L x 12"W
  • Durable, waterproof, and easy to clean material. 
    • 900D Oxford Fabric
  • Stroller straps to take the pressure off
    • Adjustable to fit your stroller
  • Built-in cellphone charging port for convenience.
    • Battery power bank NOT included
  • Lifetime Lovatte Warranty
    • See our guarantee page for more information

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